“You Will Own Nothing and You Will Be Happy”? – The Great Reset

By Russell Brand

This video is on the World Economic Forum’s Davos 2021 and The Great Reset…what are your thoughts?

Here’s what others had to say:

Chris Palmer
Humanity has learnt nothing from the writings of Solzhenitsyn. …and history will repeat it’s self. I already have very little, these people’s sweeping social decision making will not be of benefit to me, or any other human being.

Joe Short
Capitalism is ever so good at adapting to conditions in order to preserve the value of capital. To me the writing is on the wall for the end of this civilisation and they must know this, so everything is about their [the billionaires and their minions] manoeuvrings to self-preserve in the transition. Personally I think they’ve over cooked it and we ought to now demand radical redistribution.

Hertzi Shwartz
Russell, I’ll tell you what’s the great reset should mean and be, for the sake of the humankind.
People finding ways to connect with each other out of caring. People realizing themselves, then reaching out to help others. People understand what consciousness is all about and practice it in their every day life. People realizing that what matters is being a honest decent human being. People appreciating the planet they live on and taking care of it. People giving up on negative behaviors, on greed and jealousy, practicing positivity, loving themselves, and others because they can.
That’s what it should be. Not what bunch of billionaires that want to keep ahold of the world with their policies that try to tell us how we should live our life.

Erika Bach
Great podcast! I’m happy you have changed your mind on this. My friends tell me not to look too deeply into everything, but here in Greece where dictatorship is looming and the government has enforced complete compliance outlawing every right we’ve ever had with jail or exorbitant fines, the future looks very scary. We need to have these conversations. In greece we already have nothing and we are NOT happy.

Fanny Gustafsson
I have not read The great reset book. But this quote from it says a lot: ”If no one power can enforce order, our world will suffer from a “Global order deficit.”

Helen Kennedy
Please keep talking. I am concerned about Bill Gates and his stranglehold over our ‘health’ and what happens to those of us who resist his demands for world vaccination. The discrimination that is already happening where people are losing their jobs and kids being denied an education without a vaccine for a ‘virus’ which has still not been isolated or independently verified is deeply disturbing.

Original Source: https://fb.watch/7OW4pgmpTs/

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