The Elitists Who Control You

By Australian National Review

Meet the elitists who control you…

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Michelle Brown
JP be inserting facts in a humorous way. I know people thinking that they can’t fight back. It’s just not enough people have come together. They got us fighting against each other and people thinking they can never fight back and it can take a small group at first in a legal battle. I’m thankful for JP giving people something to think about…

Laurette Mull
It is Funny, yes…it is also scary Truth! Don’t know if I should laugh or cry. I really appreciate your ability to help everyone see the insanity we face each day, and present it in a humorous way. Thanks JP.

Juliette Hills
When I see what’s happening, I think of the Hunger Games. We, the little people will get to be vaccinated, tracked, hell we might even get to play some little games for our elite leaders. It sickens me.

Ryan Carrier
I’ve always found that those who demand control of others, often have a lot less self control.. They get angry pretty easily..

Lizzy de Ridder
Funnily enough, I live in Zimbabwe, which by no means is a free country, with human rights violations and they do not respect freedom of speech – if you are political. But if you are an average person we have more freedom than any other country right now. All shops and restaurants open, free to celebrate with friends and family. My family and I have more freedom here than we would in any other country in the world. Bizarre. Love you JP!

Judy Scott
I wish I knew how to get into a store without a mask and without being attacked for not wearing one. Fear has such a strong hold on people that all sense of rationale has left.

Renato Siciliano
BRILLIANT as always JP. Not many are able to convey fundamental truths to the masses as you do. E=MC2 is pure genius.
Australia loves you! shame you can’t head downunder and enlighten the sleeping masses with a potent dose of reality check. Thank you for that you do.

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