The COV Fraud Bureau of Investigations (CFBI) Launches To Investigate Politicians, TV Presenters, Celebrities and Entrepreneurs That Are Supporting the Cov Fraud

By CNBS News

The Covid Fraud Bureau of Investigations (CFBI) launches to investigate politicians, Tv presenters, celebrities and entrepreneurs that are supporting the Covid fraud.

The CFBI (Covid Fraud Bureau of Investigations), come about after many police officers, members of the intelligence community, ex FBI agents and libertarians, concerned citizens, and advocates for human rights decided to create an independent, dedicated organisation with the ability to investigate all levels of Government, media corruption.

And importantly the powerful corrupted non-government bodies such as the World Health Organisation, the World Economic Forum and the criminal foundations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation and the Rothschilds Foundations.

It also has the power to investigate the child sex trafficking industry which many of these Foundations, mainstream media and Governments are directly involved in or providing cover for.

It has reached out to independent media partners Globally to help create awareness and to let the public know they can fight back against their corrupted politicians, media, business leaders and even celebrities, that are supporting the Covid fraud but pushing vaccine extremism as well

It will expand soon to be able to handle reports lodged against individuals who are pushing vaccine extremism as well.

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It’s also looking for volunteer private investigators to keep up with expected demand with some roles becoming paid roles.

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