Situation Update – Hospital Administrators Caught on Camera Scheming To Fabricate Cov Numbers and Scare the Public

By Health Ranger Report

When the covid plandemic first began in early 2020, I remember thinking (at first) there’s no way this could be fake because hospital administrators and doctors wouldn’t fake covid death numbers or falsely try to scare people through deception.

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I am fine with Rapture escapism.
Look to the book of Revelation to see how all this plays out.
Right now satan rules this world, but his world is passing away, it has to go away to make room for Gods Kingdom. God created this world, he is going to take it back.

garry pollack
I live on the amazon river…got news 4 U people who live north of the equator! Horses Rn’t the only ones “who” get parasites—humans! R animals too & we get parasites—& I take Ivermectin 4 that!—not 4 covid 1984!!!—so please don’t take my Ivermectin away…!!! I promise only 2 take it 4 the worms crawlin’ in my anus!

AE Evolution
PLEASE STOP defending Trump! LOL when are you going to get it that Trump is part of the same club! Club Satan.
I have access to 120 pages on Trump, he is just a puppet for the Rothchilds.

Timothy Alan Wright
Mike you are on point about the rapture escapism. Not a faithful direction to Trust in God. We need to more like Noah and Push thru this challenge

Shannon Marie Wilson
I’m considering taking a loan out on my 401k to buy supplies to help prepare my family for the future. Anyone have any advice? Am I overreacting? The money may not be there soon and It couldn’t hurt to be prepared, but on the flipside what if nothing happens and I’m stuck repaying a huge debt? I’m confused… my gut is telling me to do it.

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