Scientist Shows Vaxx Effects in Autopsies. Don’t Believe It? See for Yourself

By National Times Australia

Scientist shows vaccine effects in autopsies. White Coat Summit.

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This is WAR! You can’t sue the vaccine makers, But you can HANG THEM for their crimes!!!
I support Mandatory Hanging..for violators of The Nuremberg Code, Human Rights, Crimes against humanity,
order followers, and media censors who censor life saving information, where death is involved with their crimes.
We are coming for them!

He is a complete sociopath fueled by ego & greed. Not to mention psychosis

Bravo! Keep it coming!

excellent info. Thank you for sharing.

SNAKES ARE EVIL. IN ALL KINDS OF WAYS!! WHY IS THE who’s symbol IS 2 SNAKES OR ONE SNAKE, INFRONT ON A STICK [tree] YES, THERE IS AN EXACT RESEMBLANCE TO: BIBLE – SATAN!! infront of the world, aka the “w.h.o” is a satanist organization which dicpict [and all medical organizations with 2 snakes] satan infront of earth, as if he is in control of earth in their opinion.. WHY CAN’T YOU SEE WHAT IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!! IT’S NOT “MEDICINE” IT’S NECROMANCY!

Maybe they want the poor to breath carbon dioxide like a green zombie?

Videos like this should be posted with the doctor’s name, and his credentials in the description at least. His qualifications definitely help the authority from where he’s coming from.

Thank you for posting! Very concise and informative!

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