Irish Medical Doctor – The Shots Are Killing People, We Need To Stop This

By Melbourne National Review


Dr. Anne McCloskey of the NHS gives an impassioned plea after working all night in the hospital, where almost everyone she treated was double vaccinated for COVID. Young people in their 20s are developing disabilities she has never seen before.

Just as I published this today, I found out that Dr. Anne McCloskey has been suspended from practicing medicine as a result of this video.

This is what happens when you expose the Globalists’ agenda. Now it’s time for the rest of us to follow her example, no matter what the cost!

Here’s what others had to say:

Noah was in the same boat. No on listened to him until AFTER the flood. They were no longer around to say = You were right.

Sadly I feel what she said it’s true in that big pharma have planned all along for a full global vaccination plan. In fact we know this to be true because Anthony Fauci has applied for this on multiple occasions. With Bill Gates becoming involved many years back he made the exact same comments and predictions about full global vaccination.
The adverse reactions globally are enormous. In fact in one or two years vaccine deaths will dwarf the claimed number of COVID deaths. The entire western world have surrendered their hard fought freedoms to malevolent eugenicists who have scant regard for humanity. Hence why they are given exemption from these experimental gene therapies masking as vaccines.

Kids cannot advocate for themselves that is our job as parents. Parents raise up and protect your children.

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