Hijacking Your DNA

By Canadian Times 

This is the best explanation of how the enemy of your soul is using a vacksene* to remove your relationship with God from within your DNA.

This explanation is truth.
Remember that your own safety is dependent on the Blood Covering of the Lord Jesus Christ.

*misspelling is intentional

Here’s what others had to say:

Thanks for your excellent explanation, Amy, using The Word as your basis. What an amazing God we serve. That He would link each DNA strand with His name, is MEGA powerful detail.

So many people believe that “evil” is just a word and doesn’t really exist. In truth, it’s looking at you through the eyes of almost every political leader in the world.

Make your employer fire you. Do not quit. You can engage a lawyer and sue!

I have heard of this and read about this, but seeing it in this way is even more UNBELIEVABLE! When are people going to wake up? ENOUGH already! God’s people are not sleeping, they are in a COMA!

Thank you so much for your brilliant analysis and call to action. Those of us whose children or grandchildren have been hijacked by this evil agenda are heart-broken, and can only rely on the Lord’s mercy for the salvation of those we love. We can warn and warn again, but if an individual is not willing to hear, our cries are ignored.

Put on the full armor of God

Original Source: https://canadiantimes.live/health/hijacking-your-dna/

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