Dr. Tom O’Bryan – What They Don’t Want You To Know About the Cov Vaxxines

By National Times Australia

Are you shocked at the extreme level of censorship and misinformation regarding COVID and the Vaccines?

These days, you can be canceled on most social media platforms for simply saying anything contrary to the mainstream narrative.

Here’s what others had to say:

Sorry, this guy is trying but he’s got it wrong.. this is not a vaccine. this is a packaged bioweapon, artificially created that has no live or attenuated virus in it. It’s a delivery system for spike proteins with mRNA to help the cell reprogram itself to produce spike proteins throughout the body to put your body into hyper villigance .. It will and already is causing cancer, blood clots, death. ADE will me the longer term consequence for many. I could not even finish watching it.

I like the way he presented things. He cannot totally go against the whole medical profession, but all doctors are not the same, and some are learning and changing as they go along. It is our job to keep researching and look for doctors who will cooperate with our thoughts. It’s hard, especially when we as seniors are on fixed incomes. I heard about some of the stuff he was talking about 40 years ago, formaldehydes, etc, but people didn’t take it all very seriously. Solid wood furniture was expensive and many people had to purchase cheaper made stuff. Now we are reaping the consequences. Don’t shoot the messenger. We need people like him.

It is making some people magnetic. Im being told that different batches have different ingredients.

Good to see the Doc again! Haven’t heard from Tom for a while over covid.

I would like Dr. O’Bryan to tell me why I have an intolerance to vitamin D/D3. I cannot take it without getting severe headaches. No doctor has been able to tell me why.

Yes, a million years at being the most successful species on the planet and there is only one way to strengthen the immune system…shut up and take it?

Original Source: https://www.nationaltimesaustralia.com/health/dr-tom-obryan-what-they-dont-want-you-to-know-about-the-cov-vaxxines/

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