Dr Rima Laibow Exposes Genocidal Plot

By Canadian Times

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Joss Espada
Watching this video in 2021, everything she has said is coming true.

William Jeffreys
One interesting aspect of this video is how it brings to light the glaring difference between wisdom and IQ. There are literally millions of very high IQ people that believe everything the pharmaceutical industry, the medical establishment, and the MSM push out to them. They never question one thing. IQ of 160+, but not one molecule of curiosity or power of discernment.

We need more Drs like Dr Rima.. Excellent video. They killed of Dr Sebi who was doing the same work as Dr Rima. Lets take our health back nd use our own brains

I love Dr. Rima. She’s a no bullshit kinda woman. Everything she said is 100% truth. I know from researching intensely for several years now. Seek the truth & you’ll find it. Research it. Look around you… it’s everywhere. Wake up. There’s still hope.

I love this women. I wish I could live next store to her.

Colby Watchorn
Your a hero and I wish the people would have listened to you. it took me so long to find this information that I knew from the collective consciousness. I was a little late, however that’s ok because I can give the info to others and they can be free of the crap they have put into everything. .

junnix parantar
100% true.

Marianne Gordon
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and Truth! Yahweh bless and keep you!!

Original Source: https://canadiantimes.live/state-of-affairs/dr-rima-laibow-exposes-genocidal-plot/

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